Jobsite's 1984 opens tonight (VIDEO)

It's not at all based on a now-story, is it? Nope nope nope nope nope.

OK, first things first: After HIR, Jobsite has some huge shoes to fill. Huge. We peeked at the script this week — it's not the book, so don't go expecting the book — and we noticed instantly how much they sound... well, like what's happening today. 

But first — because we asked them real nice — here's the latest teaser from Jobsite. 


Here are three things that sound a little too close for comfort...

3. "Shitbags? Come on, that's not even a word!" (ahem)

2. The only corrections [to the past newspaper articles] made were to defeatist propaganda. (Fake news, anyone?

1. Big Brother has brought us the greatest victory in human history.

So, basically, the world has gone mad, just not in the way George Orwell expected. It's 1984, no one knows who they can trust, the big-ass machine-state, Oceania, has people watching everyone and prosecuting for Thoughtcrimes. Winston's confessing to his and you, the audience, are the silent witness. Big Brother is watching. 

We'll be there tonight, right after a quick burger and a breath of fresh air. Look for our review this weekend.