Ferdinand 20th Century Fox remakes early Walt Disney cartoon

Will 20th Century Fox finally make a movie as appealing as a Pixar film?

click to enlarge Ferdinand 20th Century Fox remakes early Walt Disney cartoon
20th Century Fox/Blue Sky Studios

It's no secret that, in years past, Pixar Disney ruled the CG movie-verse, but Ferdinand, slated for a Dec. 15 release, looks as though it may be the best thing out of its animation department yet.

It doesn't hurt, of course, to have some famous actors, but they've had that before but nothing they've made has felt as appealing as this trailer does. Maybe it's because I loved this story as a kid, or maybe it's because the 20th Century Fox version of Ferdinand reminds me of my coonhound, but I can't wait for this to hit theaters next month.

Here's the story, and if sounds familiar... well, it should.

Fox based the storyline off this 1938 Walt Disney cartoon, released by R.K.O. and based on (as most Disney films are) a short story. 

This re-invention of an almost-80-year-old classic stars John Cena, Peyton Manning and Kate McKinnon with music from Nick Jonas. Fingers crossed it'll be everything they (and I) hope.

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