Best Neighborhood Mix

Peg’s Pizza-Cantina

Every neighborhood craves a great pizza joint, an authentic Mexican spot, and a convivial little hole-in-the-wall where the service is warm and the food is fresh. Most places are lucky if they get one of these. Gulfport, lucky Gulfport, has all three. In one restaurant. The menu at Peg’s Pizza-Cantina says everything’s made to order, and you can taste it –- in the creamy guac, the fresh salsa fuega, the extraordinarily tasty (and non-gloppy) burritos mojados, and the homemade pizza dough. Owners Tony Dodson and Peg Wesselink are former Tampa academics who migrated to SUNY-Potsdam, then gave up tenure and long winters to open Peg’s two years ago in a nondescript spot in a Gulfport strip mall. Terra cotta walls, original art, Tony’s experience learning how to cook in Mexico, son Doug’s insistence on exactly the right pizza ingredients, Peg’s genuine warmth…. Eat your heart out, corporate hydra-heads (yes, we mean you TacoBellPizzaHutKFC); this is a combo platter that really works. 5010 Gulfport Blvd. S, Gulfport, (727) 328-2720.