A look at the Crazy Things Parents Text

New book captures how moms and dads text the darndest things.

Call me old-fashioned but on a cold winter night few things rival sitting by a toasty fire than sipping on some tea or perhaps a glass of zinfandel (red not white!) and reading a book.

Yes an actual book with actual pages made of paper. The only warm glow I like is the one from the fireplace and not the Kindle, Nook, Tablet, iPad or any other electronic reader.

In the spirit of holiday reading I recently curled up with Crazy Things Parents Text.

Crazy Things is one part Sh*t My Dad Says and one part Texts From Last Night.

The result is a laugh-inducing book about those awkward things parents text their children. Like Kübler-Ross and the stages of grief, this book divides parental texting into seven stages ranging from “lost in translation” to “equals at last”.

At times I was not entirely sure if the texts were real or created for the book but it didn’t matter. I gave this book to a group of high school students who found it equally as hilarious as I did, a testament to its cross generational appeal.

Louise Rocco teaches French at Robinson High School in Tampa.