Sh*t Happened 12/29/17: Roy Moore still lost, Duke Energy probably won't, though

Guess we can't have it all.

click to enlarge Sh*t Happened 12/29/17: Roy Moore still lost, Duke Energy probably won't, though

The good? It's Friday, and Monday's a holiday!

The bad? All of the sudden it is sleeve/pants weather, and now we have to go buy things with sleeves as well as pants, because here in Florida, we leave these items at the office, the only place where we tend to be subjected to obscenely cold temps. Where is the sleeve and pants store again?  

The good: At least it's legit boot weather.

The bad: Duke Energy and Tampa Electric want to charge you for their work to restore power to the region after Irma...just as you were about to blast the heat. Since the power companies are seeking permission from people appointed by a governor who enjoys gobs of campaign support from power companies, you probably know how this is going to go. Make a mental note to tack on an extra six dollars or to onto your power bill each month.

The good? A judge denied Roy Moore's effort to get the court to overturn his Senate race loss to Democrat Doug Jones because — why else —voter fraud, which in his world totally exists and is a problem.

The bad? He just won't go away!

The good? Notorious climate denier is called out as "a child who hates science class" after dumb tweet attempting to suggest climate change isn't real because there's a cold snap, which might be logical to someone who didn't clear second-grade science with at least a C-.

The bad? Said climate denier also wants to ignore HIV/AIDS by reportedly disbanding an advisory panel that deals with the condition and how to prevent it.

The good? Well, we don't want to end this on a depressing note, so we'll leave you with this: Enjoy your New Year and stay safe this weekend.