Interbay Meat Market

Residents south of Gandy (“SoGan” — let’s make it stick, people) call it the Green Store, but don’t get all misty thinking you’ve found a new vegetarian market; the place is famed for its meat. We stop in for $10 slabs of filet mignon, chicken breasts as big as your face and some of the best thick-slice bacon this side of the pig. If you aren’t the cookin’ kind, the Cuban and shredded-pork sandwiches are killer. And get some black beans and rice while you’re at it. The place is small, but it’s got all the essentials; the staff is suspiciously cheerful; and if you didn’t know your neighbors before, you will once you start shopping here. 6110 Interbay Blvd., Tampa, 813-839-7542.