The Blotter

Bizarre crimes from Tampa police reports

SOUND INVESTMENTS I'm sure there is a special circle of hell reserved for scumbags who prey on the elderly. The senior citizen in this case is a 71-year-old woman who was at the Wal-Mart on N. Dale Mabry near I-275. (The report is unclear if she was shopping or if she worked there.) The hell-bound are a pair of women in their "early 50s," who approached the victim in the store and told her they had found a "large sum of money in the parking lot." The two suspects convinced the victim to drive them to a local bank, where they somehow talked her into withdrawing $400 from her personal account. The two suspects then talked the senior citizen out of her cash by saying they should all pool some money and invest in some stock together. Perhaps the two suspects were planning on investing in Nike, because once they had the victim's money they ran off in an unknown direction.

GOOD EATS: A "concerned citizen" called police to report two men breaking into the Barb-B-Q-King restaurant on E. Lake Avenue in Tampa. The officers arrived on the scene, spotted one suspect trying to crawl out of a side window and quickly made the arrest. The other suspect chose a more novel escape route. Per the report: "Suspect #2 came crawling out of the grill's clean out trap, directly into the hands of [the] officer." What did these master criminals almost make off with? "Officers recovered all property stolen (money, chicken, cokes, eggs, beans, etc.)" Yum.

WHEN IT'S NOT YOUR DAY ... A City of Tampa Water Department employee was off-duty and driving his personal car when he was involved in an accident near Ybor City. Per the report: "He suffered minor injuries and was transported to TGH by Transcare #24 (Ambulance)." Of course, in this case, the ambulance wasn't the safest place to be. While en route to Tampa general, the ambulance was rear-ended at Hyde Park and Kennedy. Fortunately there were no injuries in this second crash, and the victim was transported to TGH by another ambulance.

From the files of the T.P.D.