Creative Loving reader submissions: Elise & Dene

Emergency medicine doctor, 50, and professor, 38, Tampa

Met: At Fly Bar

Together: 2.5 yrs

The story: In August 2015, I met Dené. We texted and talked, we flirted and we got to know one another over mostly texting. We wanted to know each other’s likes and dislikes. We covered family, work, exercise, movies, school, sports, travel and food… ah yes food.

Dené sent me a text with all of the candy she liked, which included salty and sweet and mixed together… in order, the text included: “Reese’s, Kit Kat, Twix, 3 Musketeers, M&Ms, Snickers. Butterfinger, I crunched some up in my yogurt for breakfast this morning. Don’t forget the red licorice, orange slices, gummy bears, and black jellybeans. I am a candy junkie, I just can’t keep it in the house.”

I texted back, “Wow, a woman after my own heart.”

As it just so happens, I’m a candyholic. My candy cabinet overflows and was stocked with every single thing on the list, even the elusive black jellybeans from the previous Easter. So on our first date, which included dinner and coffee, I brought a red gift bag overflowing with every candy on the list including milk duds, whoppers and orange slices, Twizzlers, a Godiva dark bar, and even black jellybeans. I felt a little silly showing up on a first date with a gift and I almost put it back in the car. But as I was getting out of my car, she walked by and saw the bag so I had to give it to her. Well… as you can imagine, it was a hit. A PERFECT FIRST DATE AND NOW 2.5 YEARS LATER… we have more candy than ever before and go to Godiva monthly for our rewards.

It was love at first bite!

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