Sh*t Happened 10/14/16: Campaign manager fired for douchery, cop pawns gun for drugs, Legoland evacuated

Humanity, amirite?

Republican Hillsborough Commission candidate Tim Schock fired his campaign manager Wednesday for allegedly being a complete social media douche. Among other things, the manager reportedly used a gay slur, told a firefighter to die in a fire, and commented that some guy's daughter would have to work as a prostitute to pay her way through college because the guy couldn't afford to pay for it. Gee, wonder how we got to the point where somebody thought this kind of "speaking his mind" wouldn't have any sort of consequences...

Another story from Wednesday that didn't really break until yesterday involved a Pinellas County Sheriff's Deputy who was arrested for stealing hydrocodone pills from evidence and pawning his service weapon. Like, he literally went into a pawnshop in New Port Richey, took out his cop gun and said, "how much for this?" Dude, you need that for work. Sometimes the signs that your drug use is starting to get out of control can be subtle. Sometimes, you pawn your cop gun.

Legoland Florida was evacuated due to a bomb threat. There was no mention of clowns.

And finally, Florida Man is kind of slacking off a little. This particular guy was arrested for breaking into a Zephyrhills home to take a nap and make himself a bologna sandwich. But, you know, a classic is a classic is a classic.