The greatest condom in the world: LifeStyles Skyn

Most people agree that condoms suck. Although necessary, prophylactics inhibit sensation, suck up lubrication, and can even dampen the mood. Love gloves are worth the trouble for their protection against pregnancy and sexually-transmitted infections, but they still generally suck.

Luckily, not all rubbers are created equal. New shapes, lubricants and materials are constantly being developed to provide a more natural, pleasurable, safe-sex experience —- and they’re not necessarily the ones advertised on TV.

Visit the websites of a few high-end sex shops like or, and check out the selection of condoms n’ lubes. You can even buy small quantities to sample. Most condoms can be bought singularly and many lubricants come in tiny bottles; some even in single-use packets. By trying a variety, you'll really be able to tell the difference between your options, and can eventually find your favorite.

You may have to shell out an extra buck or two for quality condoms and lube, but the bedroom is no place to be a cheapskate. You get what you pay for, and trust me, it’s worth it.

As a safe-sex connoisseur, I like to test  all my options.  My favorite condom by far is Lifestyles SKYN. Made of non-latex, non-animal-based polyisoprene, SKYN rubbers are incredibly thin, soft, and are stretchy enough to accommodate almost any size. These babies are just about as close as you can get to feeling like there’s nothing between you and your lover,  yet they offer the same strength and protection of a traditional latex number.

Of course, when using a condom, you always need a good lubricant. For vaginal penetration, I recommend silicon-based Pink. This slippery stuff  is safe even for sensitive skin and it will last an entire session without wearing off or getting gummy. For anal play, try thick, water-based Maximus, or it's paraben-free alternative, Sliquid Sassy. All three options are great for hand jobs, as well.

Research your safe sex options and you'll be guaranteed a more satisfying experience. And do yourself a favor by trying a SKYN condom - you won't regret it!