Some political campaigns need copy editors

Got this from the Darden Rice campaign for Pinellas County commissioner:

Darden asks Rene, "Where'd ya get that yard sign?"

ST. PETERSBURG, FL – Yard signs are among the most visible parts of a campaign – and so are their hiccups. The Darden Rice campaign posted a picture today of her opponent's misspelled yard sign ...

“There are just some details you have to get right,” said Darden Rice. “Especially the name of the job you're asking voters to hire you for.”

Here's that photo:

Now, do you think former St. Petersburg City Councilmember Rene Flowers has to pay for those signs?

But the real question I have is this: Is a misspelled yard sign really that big of deal to voters? As a Pinellas County resident — with all the issues facing us like taxes, crunched budgets, crime — would a yard sign really make or break your support for Flowers? Or does it make Rice look petty?