As the RNC approaches, Tampa officials discuss Isaac and downtown life

  • FDOT's Don Skelton & Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn Saturday morning

If you've passed through the south part of downtown Tampa since Friday, you know it's completely different due to road closures and a decrease of parking spaces for the RNC. And that's before Tropical Storm Isaac potentially wreaks havoc, which could make some city streets unnavigable.

Saturday morning, Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn, Police Chief Jane Castor, and Florida Department of Transportation Regional Secretary Don Skelton spoke briefly with reporters at the city's Transportation and Information Command Center. They cautioned those who live or work in the city that things will be different throughout the next week.

The briefing came after months of a public information campaign by Team Buckhorn that prepared city residents — and those who work in the area — for how they could be deleteriously affected by the convention.

The message from Chief Castor was elementary. "Know before you go," she repeated about people traveling into Tampa. She suggested they review the road closures listed on the city's website.