Gingrich takes a pounding in Jacksonville

Mitt Romney got the best of Newt Gingrich in last night's CNN debate from Jacksonville, and the question remaining for the next four days of the presidential campaign in Florida is: Can Newt recover by Tuesday?

Thursday began horribly for Gingrich, and never got better. Plastered on the front screen of the Drudge Report were all types of links to stories about Republicans from the ’80s and ’90s getting in their punches against the former House Speaker.

Bob Dole, Tom DeLay and Elliot Abrams were among those who trashed Gingrich in statements, with the latter trying to destroy the idea that Gingrich is truly a "Reagan conservative," the phrase he has used interminably throughout the campaign.

And then there was the debate itself, where Romney made sure to pack the University of North Florida’s Lazzara Performance Hall with supporters, neutralizing the advantage that Gingrich had in South Carolina when he was firing broadsides at the media and the "Massachusetts moderate."

Although undoubtedly Romney won the debate, he had his embarrassing moments, such as when moderator Wolf Blitzer busted him on not knowing the content of one of his own ads — an ad with a tagline that said "I'm Mitt Romney, and I approve this ad."