Newt & Callista Gingrich coming to Carrollwood this Saturday

The recently completed presidential campaign saw a lot of ups and downs over the past year and a half.

Remember when Newt Gingrich blew off his staff and left for a two-week European vacation in the summer of 2011 with wife Callista, just as the campaign was beginning? The former House Speaker's campaign staff resigned en masse, raising questions at the time whether Gingrich's hopes of being the GOP presidential nominee were over before they started.

Oh, the memories. Like nearly every other nominee in the GOP round robin, Gingrich soon got his time in the sun, catapulting into the national lead in December of 2011 before going on to win the South Carolina primary in mid-January.

But 10 days later in Florida, Gingrich's chances were obliterated by a slew of negative campaign ads
put out by the Mitt Romney campaign. Although he stayed in the race for a few months after that, his last, best chance of being president died on January 29 in the Sunshine State primary.

Now the Gingriches are returning to Florida — to Carrollwood this Saturday, where they'll be peddling their respective new books at Barnes & Noble.