GOP Senate candidates try to out conservative each other at Pinellas Tea Party event

George LeMieux says there's no reason anymore to have public employee unions.

That was just one of the provocative comments made at a Tea Party event in Pinellas Park on Sunday where the four leading candidates for the Republican nomination (LeMieux, Mike Haridopolos, Adam Hasner and Mike McCallister) all made appearances and responded to the same set of questions asked by the moderator.

The event took place at the Mainlands of Tamarac community in Pinellas Park.

"I think that unions have largely outlived their time, and I don't understand them in the public arena," LeMieux, who was the first of the four candidates to address the approximately 170 in attendance. "In the public sector, I don't see the reason for having them anymore." He then went on to say that he thought only police, fire and military members should have public pension plans.

"Why should some desk jockey, some bureaucrat, have a pension?" he asked with disgust, adding that the 3 percent that state employees in Florida will now begin to contribute to their pension plans "were not enough."