Rally supporting Wikileaks leaker Bradley Manning to take place Sat., June 1 in Tampa

  • Bradley Manning

June 1 marks the beginning of Bradley Manning’s fourth year in prison. While serving as a U.S. Army soldier in Iraq in 2010, he was arrested on suspicion of having passed classified material to the website WikiLeaks. Manning's trial begins on Monday, and he faces a possible life sentence if convicted.

This Saturday begins an international week of support for Manning, and activists in Tampa are planning a march and rally in front of MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa to mark the occasion.

"It’s important because there’s a media blackout on Bradley Manning," says Thai Huynh, an activist with Occupy Tampa. "He's a whistleblower, a truth teller and a man of conscience and not a traitor, and I think the truth is a more patriotic thing than the alternative, which is to keep war crimes in the dark.”