Credit (or blame) Florida for Herman Cain

One might think that Herman Cain's "suspension" of his presidential campaign would be the last we'd hear of the former Godfather's Pizza CEO.

But like Sarah Palin before him, the "9-9-9" man will undoubtedly attempt to keep his face and voice in the media. It will be up to news outlets to decide if he what he has to say is newsworthy.

In what you might call his Not A Farewell speech, Cain warned as much. "I will not be quiet and I will not go away. I will continue to be a voice for the people," he vowed, introducing a new "outside" venture,

There's no question that Cain provided a lot of fun for awhile during this campaign season — if you describe as "fun" the fact that a man who had absolutely no business running for the most powerful job on planet Earth was winning the support of a national party desperate for something new and different.

And we have Florida to blame — or credit — for that.