GOP intelligentsia's latest hope: Waiting (again) on Christie?

Chris Christie still thinking of getting in the race?
  • Chris Christie still thinking of getting in the race?

Herman Cain's upset victory in the Florida straw poll on Saturday wasn't taken that seriously by the Sunday morning pundits. You could consider than an insult to the former Godfather's pizza CEO, or just an infatuation with the news that the Rick Perry candidacy could possibly be on the rocks.

But before anything other verdict is declared, a little perspective.

The straw poll consisted of the votes of 2,657 Florida Republican activists, people who live politics, and found the time and money to become a delegate to attend Saturday's vote.

Significant? Michelle Bachmann was the Iowa Straw Poll just a little more than a month ago, and her candidacy is now being declared dead by virtually everyone (she finished last in the P-5 survey Saturday).

As we posted on Saturday night, a bit of a loser in all of this is Governor Rick Scott, for getting swept up in the pre Presidency 5 hype, saying that the winner of the straw poll would win the nomination for President.