Local Japanese restaurant Sushi Tsu goes the extra mile for its guests

Although the economic climate in today's society has limited interaction between organizations and businesses. But this past weekend Sushi Tsu, a Japanese and sushi restaurant in New Tampa, supported the Japanese Club ("J-Club") at USF  by hosting a sushi social for the members of the organization.

As a leader in the organization and organizer of this event, I was impressed with their dedication to service and to a quality experience. Upon arrival at the restaurant, a sign welcoming us to their restaurant was posted on the door, a small token that can make the difference in how you perceive your experience (it's that extra mile).

When we were seated they handed us warm towels to wipe our hands with, a sanitary element that seems to have vanished from sushi restaurants in recent times. The restaurant was patient as members arrived at separate times and flexible with our group. Seated at teppanyaki grills,  members enjoyed a show by their steakhouse chefs whose tricks were on point. A wide variety of choices on the menu gave members the ability to try new Japanese dishes they may have never tried. As far as business benefits go, they also provided us with a discount incentive and offered us some complimentary edamame. The manager made sure to introduce himself to me and let me know he would be available to help if any concerns arose.  They were quick to resolve any concerns as well.