CL's Friday afternoon dance party: a playlist to kick off the weekend

Back in the good old days, the Edit department began a tradition of celebrating the end of the week with a Friday afternoon "dance party" — in sum, a playlist to kick off the weekend. Sometimes it was thematic (like rain songs for a gray day, or songs as covered by the artists who didn't write them), sometimes it included numbers by bands coming to town, old school classic hits or new school indie hits, deep cuts, and any requests fielded from the rest of the office, among plenty else. The weekly dance parties went on hiatus indefinitely after our move to a place not conducive to having them — a maze of rooms and corridors, a crazy-loud air conditioner, no sound system that carried music far enough to reach even a few people ... But upon settling into our new permanent (open and airy) digs, and finally setting up a stereo and subwoofer, I decided it was time to revive it.

While you may not necessarily care about what we're jamming in the CL offices on a Friday afternoon, I figured I'd throw up the playlist and at the same time, get some recommendations for future dance parties from readers as well as requests from those staffers here at CL who didn't get their requests to me in time. Anyway, here's the dance party playlist for this Friday, May 21.