Did he say 'hunkier'?

Here at Creative Loafing, we're as excited as the next music geek about the upcoming Police concert.

But it's doubtful anyone in the Bay area is as tickled about Sting getting on stage tomorrow as St. Petersburg Times Pop Music Critic Sean Daly. I've read more music commentary in my day than most people. I've never seen praise heaped on a performer's bodily fluids.

"Sting's sweat," Daly writes. "Seriously, the man's perspiration obviously has supernatural healing powers. Have you seen him lately? He's hunkier now than he was in 1985. Get spritzed by Sting's sweat, and you're looking at an extra 10 years. I'd say that's worth $226.75."

Here's to hoping Daly is able to worm his way backstage and get "spritzed."

You go, boy!

(By the way, the "Wade" that posted a comment to Daly's Police story isn't me. I was watching Sesame Street in the early '80s, not attending rock concerts.)