Photo Review: Vivian Girls, Sleepy Vikings & Hippodrome

A veritable dance party erupted at Crowbar Tuesday evening during and between splendid sets by Vivian Girls (NYC), Sleepy Vikings (Tampa) & Hippodrome (Tampa).

Vivian Girls

Everything went right for the highly anticipated Vivian Girls set last night... well mostly right - there was one minor snag with a misbehaving guitar resulting in frequent string breakage the previous evening. So when a string broke during their first song, Conner from Sleepy Viking saved the day by loaning Cassie a guitar and the rest of the set went popping along. The Vivian Girls delivered on their promise of lo-fi reverb filled songs to make listeners dance up a storm while mixing in new tunes. In addition, they finished strong by aptly demonstrating their musical skills by succesfully swapping instruments without missing a beat during their finale song, Damaged. This tour is in support of their new record, Everything Goes Wrong, which ditches some of their signature pop for a more "serious" sound, and consistent with the album theme consists of an inauspicious 13 songs. It will be interesting to see what's next for these ladies... will the naysayer bloggers win out and the Vivian Girls fade out or will the Vivian Girls prevail? Only time will tell but I have a hunch it will be the latter.

Vivian Girls are Cassie Ramone (guitar/vocals), Kickball Katy (bass/vocals), and Ali Koehler (drums/vocals)

Sleepy Vikings

First, yes, most of the cast comprising new Tampa band, Sleepy Vikings, were members of Tampa favorites, Giddy-Up, Helicopter! (Creative Loafing's Reader's Choice for Best of the Bay in 2006 and 2007). But it would be a mistake to frame Sleepy Vikings simply as Giddy-Up, Helicopter! remixed with some personnel changes. Rather, Sleepy Vikings is a brand new endeavor that incorporates some of the beloved elements of Giddy-Up, Helicopter! including creative percussion and intertwined male/female vocals. These songs are quieter somehow... but at the same time not at all. They played their first show tonight to a packed house of adoring fans and left the stage apologizing for not having more songs to play - yet! Keep an ear out as they get recording!

Sleepy Vikings is Ry, Tessa, Cub, Momma, Pacheco, & Conner


Hippodrome are Tampa Bay locals but this is the first time I have seen them play, and alas, I only managed to catch a few songs. The songs I saw were fun and engaging with tiered vocals received well by enthusiastic audience members. Check out their myspace where you can get your very own copy of their handcolored EP Face Up Toward Your Belly.

Hipodrome is Andrew Cormack (Vocals, Guitar), Steven Davis (Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals), John Martin (Bass, Backing Vocals), Wes Greene (Drums) and Andy Walker (Keys, Odds, Ends)

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