DIY Halloween: Create ghoulish wreaths from inexpensive and found items

I love to decorate for Halloween. I am at Halloween what Clark Griswold is at Christmastime. There are never too many purple string lights, cobwebs, flashing pumpkins or skeletons for me to display.

This year my "punk rock Martha Stewart" crafty side came out in full effect. Using some supplies I had on hand and a trip to the dollar store inspired me to create these Halloween wreaths. If you have any creepy Halloween odds and ends this is a great way to use them, as well as any leftover craft supplies and kick-nacks found at the thrift store.

These wreaths are easy, inexpensive and quick to put together and make great gifts for all of your ghoulish friends. So forget shelling out big bucks for Halloween decorations — get crafty and make your own!