Republican activist challenges Jim Norman for re-election

  • John Korsak

Although Hillsborough/Pasco County State Senator Jim Norman's ethical troubles reached Def Com 5 status before the general election in November 2010, if you looked at the final voting tally you'd never think that was the case. He won with a Saddam Hussein-like mandate, taking 99 percent of the vote against a couple of write-in candidates in the District 12 race.

Though the feds have dropped any charges against him, a state ethics panel found last Friday that Norman should be prosecuted in connection with a half-million-dollar gift to his wife from the late Republican party power broker Ralph Hughes.

But until recently, no live human being had stepped up to challenge him in his bid for re-election this November.

Enter John Korsak.

Korsak is a 39-year-old GOP activist and homeland security consultant from Lutz. He says though he's followed politics for awhile, he had never planned a political career for himself. But he said the fact that Norman was running unopposed this fall meant it was time now to "step up and do something about it."