Why does sex talk intimidate potential fuck buddies?

It’s Friday Night and I’m at home waiting on my date. Since I’m still waiting, I assume I scared him off.  This has been happening more often. Maybe I'm getting too aggressive.  I’ve been assertive with men my entire life.  I was under the impression that society had changed and it was ok for a woman to talk about sex without being a whore.   Besides, he started it. He contacted me online and since I’m a flirt, I couldn’t resist.

His online photos were so fucking hot my eyes burned just looking at them.  Clearly defined upper body with dark hair and light eyes.  I’ll do dirty, nasty things for a man with dark hair and light eyes. I was excited from the start.  I wanted to see where this would go.  Hopefully straight to the bedroom. This is how it started, straight from the internet chat box:

“Hi there sexy, love your smile and pics,” he wrote.