Tampa's Taco Bus to open a second spot — in St. Petersburg

Just got off the phone with the enthusiastic Rene Valenzuela, owner of Tampa's iconic Taco Bus (or El Taconazo) and Taqueria Monterrey. He told me that he had just signed a lease for a space at 2320 Central Ave. in St. Petersburg, just blocks from the Trop, which will be the site of the new Taco Bus 2.

"We get a lot of people writing emails asking 'when are you going to open one?'" said Valenzuela. "People make the drive 45 minutes here and 45 minutes back, it was time we opened one over there." The site is a former used car lot, which was key in his decision making, since it will allow Taco Bus 2 to have off-street parking.  And yes, there will be a bus.