Sh*t happened 8/31/15: George Takei at USF, Bucs blowout, gun wedding

It was a wet one, but not nearly as wet (or as damaging) as it coulda been. Here's what you missed while you were obsessively checking weather sites for the first 20 minutes of the weekend, then drinking all the hooch you hoarded, just in case.


Former Star Trek star/current human internet meme George Takei and astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson are two eminently cool people is coming to speak at USF. I was unaware our area's most prestigious institution of higher learning had a program for earning a degree in Tumblr.

A 43-year-old Tampa man was arrested and charged with selling cocaine out of his store, which sold sports clothing. Talk about activewear...


The Bucs footballed poorly in a preseason game against Cleveland. One sincerely hopes their footballing improves with more opportunities to football against other footballers.

A new report says Florida has far and away the highest accidental death rate for bicyclists in the nation. The report was originally published in The Journal of Tragic Obvious Studies.


And finally, a gun-crazy couple held their wedding at Temple Terrace gun range Shooters World. Details included the husband's boutonniere crafted from a .380 shell casing, and a cake topper featuring a couple back-to-back, holding weapons. Man, people are fucking weird.