Lightning unveil new look for 2011-12 season

On Monday, January 31, the Tampa Bay Lightning announced a makeover, including a new logo, new color scheme, and new uniforms for the 2011-12 season.

Gone is the varied lightning bolt, shadowed in blue and outlined in black. Gone is the traditional circle behind the lightning bolt. Gone are the silver accents, and gone are the black jerseys.

Instead, the makeover incorporates two colors, white and the now predominant “Tampa Bay blue,” which will be the team’s only two colors. The jerseys have been stripped of the lightning bolts from the stripes and the side of the pants, simplifying the look and emphasizing the new logo, which has been changed to a single oval, marked by a lightning bolt.

Of course, as people, some of us don’t accept change too easily. Like it or not, since the announcement Monday, the new design has moved to the front of conversation about the Lightning, and it seems like everyone has put their two cents forward on what the Lightning’s new scheme will do for the team.

Below, Mike Corcoran and I hash out the best and worst of the new look.