Spoiler Corner: Glee, Grey's Anatomy, Vampire Diaries and more!

Curious about your favorite shows? Is someone dying? If your favorite couple getting engaged? Hook-ups? Break-ups? Well, here you will find the answers to your burning questions! Enjoy television lovers!

Glee The next few episodes will be filled with lots of Wemma goodness, but unfortunately not very much Blurt goodness. Although our favorite teacher and guidance counselor are going to be hanging out ... and maybe more a lot for the next few weeks Blurt will be in a standstill. Looks like Blaine is reevaluating his sexuality and questioning bisexuality looks like the saying is true for all men. All the good ones are taken, gay, or questioning their sexuality...damn.

Grey's Anatomy Yes the rumors are true Grey's is going to have a musical episode! There are not many details on the plot of the episode or who exactly is singing but I will continue to give you updates. Now as for Meredith going blind for her baby no worries although she might have some issues with the fertility drugs she won't be going blind...at least not for now.

Gossip Girl Dair fans I know you are all on the edge of your seat after that beautiful phone Valentine's day faux date well it looks like Blair is actually crossing the bridge and going to Brooklyn next week to meet the lonely boy at his loft. Will the couple stay friendly or will the line finally Dair to be crossed? Only time will tell.

Parenthood Julia and Joel are still on the baby making train and trying to get Sydney a sibling and they are taking all the proper precautions including Julia monitoring her ovulation. When is she ovulating? During Max's great big bug birthday party! What do they do? Do it at Max's birthday party! Get it Joel and Julia!

Vampire Diaries The arrival of Jonathan Gilbert is bad news for everyone especially Jeremy. Jonathan is going to make Jeremy's life very complicated over the next few weeks. The conflict between wanting to know more about his family yet hating Jonathan for making his life a living hell will continue meaning no happiness for Jeremy in the near future. Jeremy will not be alone in his unhappiness Damon is not going to be in a happy place anytime soon either and life will be throwing him quite a few curve balls.

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