Weekly Tune-Up: New Frank Ocean (finally), Dawes, Roosevelt and Phantogram to kick off the work week

Frank Ocean's Blonde is finally here, but there's a lot more to be hyped on anyway.

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When I sit down to curate the Weekly Tune-Up each week I get excited. It's like opening multiple gifts on your birthday. With all the fresh new music that's dropping, I really find it difficult to narrow my weekly playlist to only 15 songs (technically 16 this week), and this week was no exception. Some of the highlights are noted below.

The internet is buzzing and for good reason, Frank Ocean just released his much anticipated sophomore LP Blonde, sorta. Blonde will be an exclusive release on the ever annoying Apple Music for two weeks, then will be available to the masses. The original title for his new album was set to be Boys Don't Cry, along with an August 5th release date. All that changed when Ocean's team felt they had lost the element of surprise, so the title and date were scrapped. The lead single is "Nikes," and damn, it's so cool and easy to listen to. I was hoping to feature Frank's sterling new track on this week's Tune-Up, but that will have to wait due to the exclusivity. However, his new video should suffice. Two versions of "Nikes" are floating around on the internet, the one I have posted above and then a longer version that you will find on the record. I don't care which version you listen to, "Nikes" is exactly what I wanted from Frank Ocean and he delivered. I've only been able to hear a few tracks, so I'll leave my opinions of Blonde for a later time. Ocean assembled a notable list of contributors including Beyoncé, Kanye West, Andre 3000, Tyler The Creator, Pharrell, James Blake, Rick Rubin, and Jamie xx. We all have extremely high expectations for Blonde, and I doubt Mr. Ocean will disappoint us.

Phantogram continues to tease their upcoming LP THREE, set to drop Oct. 7th. "Cruel World" is the newest sample of what's to come, and it enters in the way of more sorrow, much like the previously released tracks from THREE. "Cruel World" features heavy lyrics and a meager piano throughout. Their newest sound is a vast surge forward, which could prove to be a love/hate thing.

Are you guys ready for some boozy indie-rock? Dawes is giving us that in their new single, "When The Tequila Runs Out," off the upcomping We’re All Gonna Die. First thing I pick-up on is the nonchalant vibes and a catchy chorus. I dig the psychedelic guitar effects that are all over the track, as it just adds to the mellowness of this new tune.

Other than Frank's "Nikes" new single, Roosevelt's "Moving On" is my second favorite song this week. Disco dance-vibes, yacht rock, smooth vocals and some chill house influence are all present in this groovy song. Roosevelt just released his self titled debut last Friday, and I must say I'm extremely impressed.

Give it a few spins. "Moving On" just reminds us that summer isn't quite over. Well done, Roosevelt.

Weekly Tune-Up XXXVII
01. Phantogram, "Cruel World"
02. Fetty Wap, "Different Now"
03. Coast Modern, "The Way It Was"
04. Lando Chill, "That's Real"
05. Anna Of The North, "Us"
06. Marching Church, "Heart of Life"
07. Vansire, "Pontchartrain"
08. Sleepers' Reign, "King Into Delight"
09. Atmosphere, "A Long Hello"
10. Steve Buscemi's Dreamy Eyes, "Call Out"
11. Jamie Lidell, "Walk Right Back" (BASECAMP Remix)
12. Jagwar Ma, "Give Me a Reason"
13. Dawes, "When The Tequila Runs Out"
14. Tory Lanez, "All The Girls"
15. Roosevelt, "Moving On"