Michigan, finally

It's been three long weeks since the last GOP primaries, the elections that boosted Rick Santorum and created a new narrative about who will accept the Republican presidential nomination in Tampa in late August.

What's happened since then? Well, nothing much, delegate-wise, but there's a whole lot more anxiety among Republicans about dethroning Barack Obama this November.

The polls show Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney neck and neck in the polls going into tonight's huge Michigan primary (Arizona is considered a given for Romney). That's actually good for Romney, who a couple of weeks ago trailed by a large margin.

But whoever wins tonight will be a more damaged candidate going forward.

Although you can't take polls about November seriously in February, it's still worth noting that among the oh-so-valued independent voters, Obama now leads Romney by 12 percentage points, and leads both Santorum and Romney by nearly as large a margin among all voters. That's according to a Politico/George Washington University Battleground survey released yesterday.