Indie music station WOXY goes silent

As of 10 a.m. this morning, WOXY went silent. While this isn't the first time the indie station has vanished, it does appear that this will be the last. After leaving its FM roots in 2004, WOXY re-emerged as the preeminent leader in online independent radio and had recently re-located from Cincinnati to Austin. Without waxing too philosophically about it, I think it goes without saying that this is yet another blow to the independent voice in music. Appreciate your local alt.weeklys, blogs and community radio stations while you can 'cause odds are, their time is limited, too. Here is the official announcement from the WOXY website:

WOXY Listeners, Fans and Friends...

Due to current economic realities and the lack of ongoing funding for WOXY's operations, we've been forced to suspend our live broadcasts as of March 23rd. We're continuing to explore options to keep The Future of Rock and Roll alive. For business inquiries, please contact Bryan Jay ([email protected]) or John at Future Sounds ([email protected]).

Thanks for your years of dedicated support.

- Mike, Shiv, Joe, Paige, Brian and Bryan Jay