Iggy Pop plays Miami's Plastic Pinks on his BBC radio show, likes them a lot

"Hats off to Plastic Pinks, and we're gonna hear them again on another show."

Online, The Plastic Pinks claim Miami, but the garage rockers have a deep connection to the Tampa Bay area, too.

That's why it was pretty rad to hear the boys get lots of love from one of the genre's forefathers when Iggy Pop played a song from the band's latest EP, El Animal, on his BBC Radio 6 show, Iggy Confidential. What's even crazier is that Pop says he stumbled upon the band when he found a copy of El Animal on the window of his car with a note attached.

"Yea, Plastic Pinks, that's the Plastic Pinks from the U.S.A., and that's '66 Sexta.' That's from...I would call it an EP, El Animal. It's got, I think six cuts, it's either a really short LP or a good length EP. There're going to come to the UK and see what they can scare up. They are really good players and they're a good punk band," Pop said whilst sandwiching "66 Sexta" in between tracks by Ten Fé ("Twist Your Arm") and The Sonics ("The Witch").

Photos: BRONCHO, Plastic Pinks turn in scuzz rock meditation for rowdy fans at New World Brewery in Ybor City — 11.17.16

"I do the confidential show in Coral Gables which is a Spanish Speaking and Spanish themed town adjacent to Miami. It's a cool place. I drive a car to get here," Pop went on to explain. "I park in the back by the studio, and one night I found Plastic Pinks, El Animal in the window of my car with a note and it was good, and I was I was just waiting for a good punky show to play it on. They do some very advanced stuff too but I like 66 "Sexta." Hats off to Plastic Pinks and we're gonna hear them again on another show."

Yeah, that's awesome.Pinks bassist Dane Giordano was beyond grateful

"It's just encouraging to have Iggy Pop really dig the music we make and humbling that he would even write to us," Giordano wrote in an email to CL detailing their correspondence with Pop. "Everyone should listen to The Stooges, loudly."

In the spirit of that, we've embedded a track by The Stooges and "66 Sexta" by the Plastic Pinks below. Listen to Iggy Confidential here (Pop starts talking about Plastic Pinks at the 37-minute mark).