Classed up snack: Onion and bacon custard "dip"

Potato chips and onion dip — in my world this is the perfect snack. The crispy, salty chips combined with cool, creamy, zingy onion dip has made my taste buds dance ever since I was a kid.

As I grew up and my palate became a little more experienced I've found that the store-bought onion dips just don't cut it anymore. Sure, I've been known to mix sour cream with some chopped scallions for a quick fix, but I knew there had to be a better solution.

What I've come up with here, in my humble opinion, is a chips and dip lovers' dream come true. It's a sophisticated tribute to my favorite snack, and with the addition of bacon, it's over the top. Basically, it's a custard base: onion dip meets creme brulee (without the sugar).

This savory onion and bacon custard can be served warm, room temperature or cold.