Joshua Michael Poll - Contributor

When Joshua Michael was young his folks took him camping; they were off the “grid” for a week or two at a time, cooking from the camp stove, fishing for dinner.  He remembers the way his mom washed the dishes with only a little water, those experiences have made him who he is today. He now grows food, composts & vermicomposts, catches rainwater, conserves water, eats organic and pays much attention to nature and the natural world. He makes a living as a professional glass blower of 13 years.  Originally from Joliet, Illinois, he relocated to the Tampa Bay area in 1998.  In 2002 he started Zen Glass Studio with his business partner, where they continue running a full production studio, with classes and traveling to local and national festivals.  They opened Higher Self Gifts, specializing in SLO goods, Sustainable, Local & Organic, teas, herbs, soaps, bamboo clothes and local art.

email: [email protected]