Reach Nirvana

Via their Unplugged gig

MTV Unplugged in New York

(Geffen/MTV Networks/Universal)

I don't have space here to make the case for my personal belief that Nevermind wasn't even Nirvana's second-best album and that the band's recorded peak was actually the acoustic live disc it cut for MTV, but I do have room enough to highly recommend this DVD reissue of its Unplugged show. The bonus features are pretty run of the mill: a few rehearsal performances, a mini-doc of MTV patting itself on the back for being so bold as to let an insanely popular band play a couple of obscure covers. But the original program stuns as much as it did back in '93, with the group's harrowing version of "Where Did You Sleep Last Night" still capable of raising a hive or three. 4.5 stars