Best Rap Artist: Shunda K

She raps in a lightning-fast, tightly reined, tongue-twisting, furious style, with her solid rhyming interrupted by occasional sung verses set against a backtrack of well-produced beats that make you wanna shake your rump. After getting dumped from UK-based Domino Records (Junior Boys, Arctic Monkeys), Shunda K (formerly of Yo Majesty) decided to give her entire Domino catalog away — for free. Both LPs, The Best Eva Written: Outkast and Kollaborations (featuring her much celebrated duet with Peaches), are available for download on her website along with other Shunda K recordings. Get them now. (Photo by Phil Bardi.)

About Daily Best of the Bay: CL writers and editors are previewing their selections for Best of the Bay 2009. All of their choices, plus the winners of this year's Readers' Poll, will be revealed in the BOTB issue Sept. 16. Or you can learn the results in advance by attending The Loafies awards party Tues. Sept. 15, 7-10 p.m. at the Creative Loafing offices (810 N. Howard Ave., Tampa). Shunda K will be one of the featured performers at the event.