David Jolly up by 5 points over Alex Sink in internal Jolly poll

When St. Pete Polls published a survey last week showing Alex Sink trailing David Jolly in the CD13 special election, some angry Tampa Bay Democrats went about bashing the methodology of the survey, suggesting that too many Republicans were called in it, skewing the results.

Who knows what they'll be saying today, after the Jolly campaign released their own internal poll (done by McLaughlin & Associates) that shows the Republican up by five points over Sink, 43-38 percent (15 percent say they are undecided, while Libertarian candidate Lucas Overby gets 4 percent).

Pollster Jim McLaughlin says in a memo accompanying the survey that "The fundamentals in this survey favor a Jolly win, leaving the Democrats with one option: trying to buy this race with big money from Washington and outside groups."

The survey called 400 voters in the congressional district, and has an of +/- 4.9 percent.

Although the calls were random, it also has a GOP tilt, 43-35 percent. And a solid majority of those surveyed (60 percent) are over 56 years of age. 40 percent are listed as over 65 years of age.

Undoubtedly, that's what McLaughlin means when he talks about how "the fundamentals" support a Jolly victory. 53 percent of those surveyed do not approve of President Obama's job performance.