The Top 10 Hottest Men in Comics

Ryan Reynolds has signed on to play Green Lantern for DC's upcoming live-action adaptation of the same name — and while he may play the same character in every film, so do his abs. Wolverine has been played in four separate films by Hugh Jackman and his pecs.

Before Christan Bale's mouth was crippling franchises like Terminator, he saved another with Batman Begins. Ex-model James Marsden played X-Man Cyclops.

Robert Downey, Jr. regained heartthrob status as Iron Man, Tobey Maguire showed what a gym could do with Spider-Man, and Nicholas Cage played Ghost Rider.

(Okay, ignore that last part.)

The point is: there's a reason actors like Danny DeVito play the supervillain. Sex sells. In any genre and in any medium.  Just look at our Most Popular blogs. (You probably already did.)

I would like to point out that I don't think any of the following characters are real. I don't think I could date them and I don't think they're better looking than any real human being, except for Nicholas Cage.

But, if only for art's sake, take a look at mainstream comic book's Top 10 Hottest Men: