The Grind Podcast 6/3: Rays the worst best team, Urban's heartburn, and umpire Jim Joyce blows a perfect game

It's that time again, good people. Time for Flip Satchel and Bill Freitas to scour the Bay area for the top 10 sports stories of the week, marinate them in their own opinionated juices and regurgitate them into your proverbial gullets for sustenance like an eagle feeding her young:

Yes, you classless ignoramuses, he has a heart.

Turns out esophageal spasms have similar symptoms as angina. Stop giggling, we said AN-gina. So, looks like the Gator head coach won't die after all, much to the apparent disappointment of local blog-tards littering the comment sections. We get it. You think he's an asshole. But what does personally piling on a man regarding his health issues make you? Time's up, kettle. (See irony)

Buccaneer cornerback Ronde Barber's twin brother Tiger, um Tiki was barred from the delivery room while his estranged (See pissed) wife Ginny gave birth to a new generation of dysfunctional twins. Tiki, as you may remember, filed for divorce while Ginny was 8 months pregnant to get all up in that NBC 23 year old blond intern, helped build a Giants championship team by removing himself from it, dropped a C-bomb during live coverage of the summer Olympics, and co-wrote a children's book with Ronde in 2004 called, By My Brother's Side (aka. Bros Before Hoes)

World Cup 101

Has it been 4 years already? You think the global economy is in a slump now, give it a few days. From the Euro-trash of the West to the Freedom-haters of the Mid-East, hooligans of all shapes and smells drop what they're doing to watch them some World Cup.  And since soccer and the US go together like ice-cream and