Rogerthomas explains his video for "Thas Wassup," watch

Clip was directed by Mike Nyman and pays tribute to Pulse victims.

St. Pete beatsmith and fingerpicker Rogerthomas released a new video a few weeks ago, and CL thought we'd let the trippy spectacle marinate a little before diving in with him. Watch the clip, directed by Orlando's Mike Nyman below and read through our short Q&A with the songwriter underneath that (via Remember You Are Dreaming).

The song and video are getting a lot of love, even internationally. I remember when you would send me really carefully packaged mail. How's it feel now that it's all starting to catch on?

It feels great! Throughout my various musical projects over the years, I’ve been almost entirely focused on the music itself and not at all on doing the things necessary to properly get it out there. Not until the last couple years has it dawned on me the amount of work, persistence and perseverance it actually takes to be taken seriously and really listened to, especially if you’re doing everything on your own.

I attribute the music finally catching on primarily to taking action rather than waiting for people to find me but I also attribute it to crossing over into the electronic idiom with my newer music which seems to be more widely accessible nowadays than the avant garde folk music I’ve done for so long with my other project, Ophelia.

Mike Nyman mentions Pulse in his thoughts about the clip. Had you already written this song before the shooting? Is so, what was it like to be able to see it come together like that?

I had most of “Thas Wassup” written prior to the shooting. When Mike Nyman approached me with his idea for the Orlando video, I knew this song would be in alignment with the intention of the tribute in that it’s a very uplifting and evokes feelings of love and compassion. Needless to say, it was amazing to see the video come together as it has.

Lastly, what's next for you? Is RGSM still a thing?

Currently finishing up an EP to be released this Fall titled Forever Yung. I’m also set to release a slew of remixes via my SoundCloud as well as a collaborative track with another local artist, Bushi (fka Kersey Williams). After the EP I plan to hit the road for tour. Other than my Rogerthomas project, I’ve been thoroughly enjoying special guesting primarily on drums for other local artists like Dea + Saint and Queen of Ex.

I also play drums for a meditative doom band, DARBAR with fellow Remember You Are Dreaming artist, Billy Mays. You asked if RGSM is still a thing? RGSM is a jazz-fusion meets future soul band comprised of Rachel Alex on keys and myself on drums. Currently, we’re taking a break to regroup and focus on other musical projects but I foresee us coming together again in the near future to record an EP of all the material we’ve put together over the last month months and we’ll see where it goes from there.