And the winner is... One restaurant bests the eggs-cellent competition to be crowned Breakfast Bowl champion

Editor's Note: In today's print issue of CL where this article appears, page 18 — which reveals the winner — was accidentally omitted. Call it the curse of the Breakfast Bowl or just bad luck, but anyhow, we'll be righting this wrong by adding that extra page in next week's issue. The full version is below, so read along to find out who took the crown.

Say what you will about popularity contests, but the CL Breakfast Bowl managed to produce some terrific results. The five restaurants that overcame the other 59 competitors are all worthy spots for a morning nosh, all winners whether you focus on voting tallies or take a trip and experience them for yourself.

Which is what I did, with the help of some friends, in order to crown the ultimate Breakfast Bowl champion. Sometimes, a little in-person reconnaissance can settle a score much more effectively than an online poll.

Lenny’s, Bowled, Banyan Coffee & Tea, Pinky’s and Three Coins Diner all have their own breakfast quirks, specialties and vibes, but only one can wear the crown — like a splash of Hollandaise atop a Beautiful benedict — of Breakfast Bowl Champion. Which restaurant reigns supreme?