Reel Projections, Tuesday December 30

The New York Times is reporting that 20th Century Fox will try to delay the release of Watchmen. Deadline Hollywood Daily has a statement from Warner Bros. on the lawsuit.

This week's DVD releases: Rope of Silicon runs down Paramount's new Blu-Ray titles, including the Patrick Swayze stupid-face fest, Ghost; Tom Cruise going vroom vroom with Nicole Kidman in Days of Thunder; Event Horizon and The Truman Show.

Q: Who's the most reviled movie critic? A: Ben Lyons. He's so hated (and with good reason), that CriticWatch's Erik Childress has a blog dedicated to using Lyons's own words against him:

Is it possible that New York publicists have a poster of Ben Lyons in their office with the slogan that reads “Put critics in a theater full of people laughing with free tickets and one of them may laugh too?” What if the Bedtime Stories crowd was laughing at Ben Lyons laughing? Or just Ben Lyons? I guarantee he’s produced more unintentional laugh lines than Sandler & Co. did this year. Take for example:

“I think the live-action family film is a lost art nowadays with so many CGI computer generated films for kids who see a live-action film that plays to the wonder of imagination and takes us on these adventures and has funny lines from Russell Brand that the older audiences will enjoy. There’s lots of that throughout this film.”

In the Spirit of Samuel L. Jackson, whose film (one of the very worst of the year) somehow gets a “rent it” from Mankiewicz, I believe I speak for everyone when I say...

“ENGLISH MOTHERFUCKER, DO YOU SPEAK IT!!!???” lists its 19 Best Movies That You Didn't See. It's so dead-on, it's almost like they wrote it specifically to me.

USA Today has pics from this summer's Transformers sequel. We now know there will be robots, military personnel investigating mysterious blue thingies, pyramids, explosions and Shia LaBeouf doing what he does best — running for his life with something in his hand (this time it's Megan Fox).