MMA News: Marcio Cruz defeats Tom Sauer, becomes first WFO champion; Seth Petruzelli defeats Tampa police officer Chris Baten

The main event on the Art of Fighting (AOF) fight card indeed turned out to be the highlight of the evening, with an enthusiastic audience cheering on the mixed martial arts (MMA) veteran Tom Sauer on his walk towards the octagon as prelude to a very exciting fight against Marcio Cruz. Regardless, Sauer was not able to cash in on his home turf advantage. Cruz, on the other hand, seemed like Rocky Stallone in his most unpopular fight while beating the crowd favorite Sauer to a pulp and earning the World Fighting Organization (WFO) belt in the process.

Sauer repeatedly charged against Cruz like a bull seeing red and caught several punches to his head as a result early on in the fight.