Tonight's Top Chef Texas preview: Group 3 and the "Bubble" chefs compete for the top 16 spots

Check out the preview videos from tonight's episode of Top Chef: Texas!

During last week's episode of Top Chef: Texas, the first two groups competed for those 16 coveted spots on the show. This week, group 3 competes and the chefs on "The Bubble" get to fight for another chance. It looks like there are only 5 more spots left, as 11 of them were given out last week, so the stakes are very high tonight.

Representing Austin, as well as being the only two chefs from Texas, Paul Qui, exec chef of Uchiko, and Drew Curren, exec chef of 24 Diner, will be competing in group 3. It also looks like, from the previews, one of them has to compete in The Bubble group. I won't give away any spoilers here, but one of the videos below reveals who it is. (And it's no surprise which two chefs I'll be rooting for tonight.)