Awesomely bad metal lyrics

Oh, the wonderfully weird stuff that lands in my mailbox. In the book Time Flies When You're in a Coma, author Mike Daly harvest heavy metal-mocking laughs from actual lyrics - which, as anyone who has ever listened to Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, etc. already knows - are some of the hilariously worst ever committed to record.

The book, about he size of a double-CD, and destine for my coffee table, is divided into "meditations," "Zen questions," "daily affirmations" and "words of wisdom."

Sample jewel: "Wanna kiss your lips / Not the ones on your face," from Quiet Riot's "Let's Get Crazy." Photog Mark Weiss stills are as fabulously cheesy as the text.

What are your favorite awesomely bad metal lyrics?