The Grind podcast 9/14: college football wrap-up, Bucs undefeated, Rays/Yankees and a felon at quarterback

If you like sitting on your butt, eating heart-stopping deep fried battered dead animal, drinking beer like the world depended on it and college football from sunrise to sunset, Saturday was your kind of play-date with the couch (we're dating now).

Florida wins and the Gator hatred continues without missing a beat as if Tim Tebow was still pimping the biblical eye-black on the Florida sideline. The USF Bulls rolled into Florida field, guns a-blazing, adrenaline in the red and shot their wad early just like every other inferior squad that entered the Swamp. Before you knew it, the Bulls were up 7-zip and the green and gold faithful were already thinking upset. The Bulls didn't score again until 25 ticks left in the 3rd quarter. Queue the if's and but's.

If BJ didn't throw 4 interceptions, the Bulls would have won. But he did, and they didn't.

Here's an "if and but" for you. If BJ wasn't in the game, the Bulls would never have sniffed a point. But yet he's the first guy they're blaming for the loss. Weird.

Football 101:

-There are 4 quarters

-Mental errors are a significant, if not defining aspect of every football outcome, not a crutch or an excuse


-Moral victories is loser talk

Thanks for being our week 2 tune-up before conference play. Enjoy Florida Atlantic.

Rays in first place at time of podcast. In 5 minutes? Who knows? For those wondering what that eye-watering smell is resembling a combination of low-tide and a God complex, the Yankees are in town. Paul Delgado reports the smug alert should be lifted by Thursday morning. BAM!

Bucs win! And if you were one of the smattering of fans that bothered to show up Sunday to see it, you left with the thrill of victory, a Bucs schedule magnet, and pants that looked like you peed them. We discuss what it actually means to barely beat the Browns, an awful, awful football team at home. Spoiler Alert: Nada