Tonight's Top Chef All-Stars preview: Redemption for 18 former chef'testants (videos)

It's here! The day we Top Chef fans have been waiting for all year: the premiere of season 8, Top Chef All-Stars! I don't know about you guys, but I've got a culinary boner — BIG TIME.

I was a bit scared at first that Bravo would be pulling a TC Masters on us and only having a few chefs compete during each episode, the winner of each round competing in the finale. But, as it looks from the preview videos below, all 18 former Top Chef contestants are competing against each other in NYC.

This season, it looks like the smug sommelier Stephen from season 1 is losing his culinary touch, while Tiffani from the same season looks like she's brought her A game (and toned down the bitchiness). Marcel, the one we all loved to hate from season 2, is back and seems to be as whiny and cocky as ever. I'm betting Casey from season 3 is still going to be getting crap about (allegedly) mucking up Carla's dishes during the season 5 finale. While Ceveech (Jennifer Carrol) from season 6 has gotten her fire back and is bringing that Philly sass. Otherwise, I haven't gotten to see enough of the returning chef'testants to make snarky assessments.