Tasty game day fare: Beer cheese dip in a bread bowl (recipe)

Football season is finally upon us. Everyone has their own reason for loving football. For some it might be the actual "love of the game", while others simply enjoy the camaraderie of cheering for a beloved hometown team.

Why do I love football you ask? Well there are a couple of reasons — one being that it means cooler weather is around the corner and I can't get enough of the men in tight uniforms, but the biggest reason is the food. I always plan a week in advance what I am going to cook for the big game day that week. Isn't it funny how studies show that during the holidays people gain an average of 7 pounds? I wonder if they consider football season the beginning of the holiday season. If not, they should — especially here in the states.

I have yet to go to a football party and see a spread of healthy foods. You have your standard chips and dip, pizza, chicken wings and let's not forget the beer. If you happen to visit my house during football season, you will surely see this staple on the table: beer cheese dip. It is a cheesy, garlicky spread with a lovely beer flavor that goes so well with watching the pigskin get passed around.