Sensory Overload 4.0 Jams: Eliot Lipp and Michna

What's up Loafers!?! real quick, before we get to the content ... just wanted to say hi!!! Y'know, introduce myself, all that jazz, as I'm finally gonna start contributing here on Tampa Calling. I'm Jack. I promote shows and select tunes (w/ my boy DJ Archaea) and I've actually been heading up my own blog as well for a minute now ... Well, that's enough of that for the time being. Anyway, here it is: my first post, copied directly from the aestheticized >>> blog and focused squarely on the out-of-towners playing this Saturday night at Creative Loafing's Sensory Overload 4 point 0.


ELIOT LIPP = Over the last 5+ years, Mr. Lipp has consistently produced some of the world's finest Electro/Glitch-Hop, for a handful of the hottest labels in the game (Eastern Developments, Hefty, Mush, etc.). His music is marked by an obsessive exploration of the place where analog synths and software-based composition meet, his sound almost immediately recognizable (a quality all-too-rare in Electronic Music) — rich and relentlessly melodic lines laced over funky breaks and broken beats. He just released Peace Love Weed 3D on his own Old Tacoma imprint; highly recommended for fans of PREFUSE 73, DABRYE, DJ SHADOW, Golden-Era Hip Hop, etc.

mp3s and more on Michna after the jump...